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BGP, led by Ms. Cassandra White is a fully diversified company providing numerous services in the fields of transportation, boxing promotions, business training and mentoring of young women.  BGP pledges to show our youth other options in their lives, give them something meaningful and positive to do by offering participation in sport or business programs.  We strongly feel that these programs build character, commitment, confidence, discipline, and self-esteem.

Ms. White promoted her first amateur bout in Washington DC in 2005.  Due to its overwhelming success, fans and boxers alike demanded more and she promoted her first professional match at the Historic Lincoln Theater in DC in 2006.  Since then she has been the driving force for boxing and boxers promoting matches at various historic venues throughout Washington DC.


Realizing she needed to learn from seasoned professionals, she traveled to Beijing China to attend her first World Boxing Association (WBA) conference.  It was here that she met and learned practical information and insight s into boxing under the tutelage of Butch Lewis, the President of the WBA, along with notable judges and referees.  She went on to receive the Promoter of the Year Award in 2009.  She has been dubbed “DC’s Original Boxing Promoter” by DC Council members.  Other than BGP with Ms. White at the helm, no one in the history of this great city has consistently promoted boxing in Washington DC.  Ms. White is proud to have made this historic contribution and looks forward to introducing boxing to DC on a larger scale to our youth as a vehicle to teach discipline and raise self-esteem. 




Boys make up the majority of the Juvenile  Justice population in the District and  elsewhere so the system has evolved around their needs. Almost without noticing, girls have  become a major component of the juvenile  justice system-but once inside the walls, they  are jammed into a system designed for men and  boys, and the problem is getting worse, not  better, with the dramatic cutback in funding


More than 14,000 girls are now incarcerated in the U.S., according to the lasted data from the  American Civil Liberties Union. A lack of  proper intervention strategies and access to  social services result in many communities  opting to handle the problems caused by these  girls instead of placing them in detention/  residential programs that often appear more like  county jails and prisons.


The Boxing not Bullets initiative provides an alternative to violence and an outlet to channel pent up aggression. Training in boxing is the cornerstone of  our program, this will benefit our clients  with their aggression and builds  commitment, discipline and character;  strengthen their bodies and sharpening  their defensive skills can also become a  major plus as well as a positive long term  practice that they can carry with them for  the rest of their lives.

Check out this video and story from my very first amateur event in 2005 that was featured in the Washington Post.

I've always had a passion to showcase our youth.




For any inquiries or to obtain sponsorship information for upcoming events email bgp12335@yahoo.com, call 202 365-5021, or fill out the following form



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